Dangerous Goods Driver Training

HAZCHEMWIZE offers a large range of dangerous goods or “DG” training. One of our essential training courses is Dangerous Goods Driver Training. This training course is crucial for companies and individuals that transport dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Driver Training covers many aspects of transporting dangerous goods, including:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Loading and off-loading procedures
  • Tremcards
  • Driver behaviour
  • Vehicle Placards
  • Safety Procedures
  • Legal Documents
  • Warning Signs

This certificate is required for Category “D” Professional Driver’s Permit applications, and is approved and accredited by the National Department of Transport and all Licensing Authorities across South Africa.

HAZCHEMWIZE is an accredited training centre in South Africa.


For more information on Dangerous Goods Driver Training, please call HAZCHEMWIZE on 0861 429 2436 or email us at info@www.hazchemwize.co.za.

Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.hazchemwize.co.za.