Hazchemwize was established, and has been in operation since 2002.

Originally a training and equipment orientated company; Hazchemwize has evolved over the years, offering a diverse range of services, being labour, dangerous goods transport, medical waste transport, training and a vehicle compliance and equipment division.

While the Hazchemwize services combine to facilitate maximum synergy between business entities, a decentralised management structure engenders industry best practice. Management is empowered to develop each business into a unique unit while extracting the greatest possible synergistic value from being part of the Spartan group.

Hazchemwize has various logistics divisions, as well as vested interests or collaborative agreements with other companies, particularly those providing a service or are associated with logistic services.

Hazchemwize is proud to be a B-BBEE Level 1 compliant service orientated business. And recovers 135% of the levy amount in this regard. View our BEE Certificate here…

0861 HAZCHEM (429 2436)

Services we Offer

  • Registered and accredited education, training and development service provider
  • Dangerous goods and hazardous materials compliance consulting.
  • Dangerous goods vehicle compliance
  • Equipment division
  • Occupational health and safety compliance consulting.


Hazchemwize engages in strategic alliances and joint ventures to create synergy through resources in niche markets where it can excel and will invest in individual elements of the supply chain to support logistics solutions where required.

Hazchemwize is a 100% owned by the Spartan Group and falls under the logistics division.

We are also accredited by the following authorities of which a copy is available upon request.

  • TETA
  • Department of Transport
  • BEE Score Card
  • Department of Labour