The Dover Test (Vienna Test System)

How do you know if your staff has the concentration and co-ordinations levels that are required to perform duties and functions accurately and safely. 

The Dover System or Vienna Test System can be utilised in various fields. It can be used as a pre-screening tool when recruiting resulting in selecting the correct candidate for a position. The test is a valuable preventative measure for employees working with moving machinery, staff operating vehicles and office staff.
Skills are assessed as they currently exist. It acts as a “risk detection and accident reduction tool” by identifying candidates’ weak areas in their fundamental skills. This reduces accident potential, cost of production losses, losses on equipment etc. A computerised assessment report will give an indication on corrective measures to be taken into account.

This assessment is a skills-competency measurement tool which looks at important practical skills including:

– Eye, Hand and Eye basic manual co-ordination
– Reactions to stimuli in various environmental conditions
– Auditory discrimination
– Estimation of the speed and direction of moving objects
– Basic decision making skills and concentration levels under monotonous circumstances

This valuable assessment will assist your company to avoid injury and death among your workforce and it can save you thousands in medical bills, equipment repair.

Ensure that your workforce have the mental and physical abilities to do their jobs safely and effectively.

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