Warehouse Compliance Audits

Warehouse Safety Audit

At HAZCHEMWIZE, we really understand the complexities of Occupational Health and Safety. An area that requires special attention is warehouse compliance. It is law that all warehouses in South Africa are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act’s standards and requirements. Therefore, we’ve dedicated our multi-skilled professionals to deal with any warehouse compliance or audit requirements.

Our strengths lie in our ability to respond quickly to clients with demanding and fast-changing needs.

We offer two key services within warehouse safety. These include: Warehouse Compliance and Warehouse Audits.

Audits and Compliance

Audits will be conducted on client’s requirements.
(Expert advice by our highly qualified consultant on all aspects of health and safety legislation ensuring that our clients are fully compliant at all times.)

Our company is well equipped to ensure the efficient implementation of the listed below:

  • Building and offices safety requirements
  • Suppliers of all spill kits and first aid kits
  • Policies/Procedures documentation
  • Supply and install relevant photoluminescent safety signage (Warehouse Signage) required by the OHS standards

We also have a well-furnished training institute providing training to assist in gaining warehouse compliance:

We ensure 100% commitment and satisfaction to all our clients once a project has been initiated and completed through us.

To find out more about warehouse compliance, please give us a call on 0861 429 2436 or email us at info@hazchemwize.co.za.

Warehouse Safety


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