Dangerous Goods Driver Training

HAZCHEMWIZE offers a large range of dangerous goods or “DG” training. One of our essential training courses is Dangerous Goods Driver Training. This training course is crucial for companies and individuals that transport dangerous goods. Dangerous Goods Driver Training covers many aspects of transporting dangerous goods, including: Safety Equipment Loading and off-loading procedures Tremcards Driver behaviour Vehicle Placards Safety Procedures

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What should be in a first aid kit?

It is always a good idea to have a fully stocked first aid kit at home and at the office. You never know when an accident can happen. Should an accident occur and you have a first aid kit to hand, you will be able to provide instant medical care to the injured person. As silly as it may sound,

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Annual Shutdown

We are closed from 14 December 2023 and will reopen on 08 January 2024.

During this time, you are welcome to continue to our website and complete an enquiry form and we will get back to you when we return.