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A Tremcard or a Transport Emergency Card as it is also known as is a document that is used when transporting dangerous goods. The Tremcard contains important safety information about the vehicles load. In an emergency scenario, the driver of the vehicle or rescue personnel can refer to the Tremcard to determine what dangerous goods are being transported and how the load should be treated. If there are different types of dangerous goods being transport on the same vehicle, then a Tremcard will be required for each type of dangerous item.

According to SANS 10232 a Tremcard should be an A4 sized document with thick red borders. This is to identify it quickly in an emergency. It has to be located in the cab of the vehicle when the vehicle is carrying a dangerous load.

TREMcard Suppliers

At HAZCHEMWIZE, we can supply you with Tremcards on an ad-hoc basis and we can supply you with a database of Tremcards that are specific for your needs.

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