Full Vehicle Compliance

Fitment that will have all your vehicles fully HAZCHEM compliant within 4-5 hours including a flammable permit.

The transport of listed Dangerous Goods and hazardous chemical substances by road in the RSA is regulated by the Department of Transport. The requirements are structured around the National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996), Road Traffic Regulations, 1999 and the various incorporated South African National Standards (SANS Codes).

The compliance specifications below are based on SANS Codes of Practice (SANS 1518 and SANS 10231) for vehicles conveying dangerous goods.

SANS 1518: Indicates design requirements for road vehicles transporting dangerous goods and includes the specifications prescribed for the manufacturing, modification and fitment of equipment on these vehicles. The standard stipulates tank design, construction, pumping systems, provisions for loading and unloading, and general requirements for road vehicles, as well as specific requirements for all road vehicles transporting Dangerous Goods.

What is Vehicle Compliance?

If you are transporting any listed dangerous goods (as per SANS 10228) then the vehicle that you are transporting it in, as well as the driver, must be compliant as legislated. (Vehicle Classification)

There are various aspects to a dangerous goods compliant vehicle, all of which differ depending of what substances you are transporting. Below is a list of a few standard measures that are generally used to ensure Dangerous Goods compliance:

  • Battery Isolator Switch / Battery Cut-off Switch
  • Fully-Enclosed Battery Cover (exterior batteries)
  • Prescribed Safety Signage (No smoking, No Naked Flame, No Cellphone)
  • DCP Fire Extinguishers and Quick-Release Brackets
  • Transport Emergency Card/s Or Tremcard/s
  • Designated Space (Document Holder)
  • Municipal Transport Permit
  • Danger Warning Diamond (front)
  • Placards (x 3)

At HAZCHEMWIZE we supply as well as fit the above prescribed signage and equipment to vehicles to allow it to successfully pass a vehicle compliance inspection at the relevant Local Authority.

(Note: Operators must ensure that they register/re-register their vehicle/s correctly as a “Category D” vehicle at their relevant License Department and must display the correct Operator Card on the windscreen to this effect)


When transporting dangerous goods, it is a requirement that Tremcard is present is the vehicle that is transporting that dangerous goods. The Tremcard will details what is being transported and how it is to be treated in an emergency.

Dangerous Goods Driver Training

We also offer the prescribed “Dangerous Goods Training” course (SAQA Unit Standard 123259 “Convey Dangerous Goods by Road”. Please view further information on this and other related dangerous goods training courses here:

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