Dangerous Goods Permits

Hazchem Permits

South African law requires that transportation of all Hazardous Cargo be done in a vehicle certified to ferry such goods and these include all the following:

  • Fertilisers, nitrites, oxides
  • Gas, gas cylinders, gas bottles
  • Chemicals, acids, batteries,
  • Fuels, used oils, lubricants, adhesives
  • Aerosols, hair chemicals
  • Medical waste, hazardous waste
  • Explosives, fireworks
  • Paints, thinners, turpentine

Apply for a Hazchem Permit

Hazchemwize offers you a National Flammables/Hazchem Permit which allows you to legally transport all manner of hazardous goods and this is how you go about it:

  1. Contact Hazchemwize by phone or email. A consultant will then be sent to you to assess the designated vehicle and to give expert advice on how you can get certified.
  2. A quotation will be given as per inspection and following your acceptance of the quote Hazchem conversion fitment will be done either at your premises or at Hazchemwize premises as per your preferences.
  3. If your vehicle is not registered in the right category you will be given advice as to how to get this done.
  4. Hazchemwize will then take your vehicle through for the permit inspection.
  5. Your vehicle will be delivered to your premises/ picked up from our premises with a PERMIT and ready to trade immediately.
  6. Our guarantee is that if we do the work you’ll get the permit!!

Through our extensive network of contacts,, this process usually takes two days from start to finish, minimising downtime for your fleets.

Let us take away the headache of obtaining a permit from you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Contact Hazchemwize today for your Permit!!

For more information about Hazchem permits, please call us at 0861 429 2436 or email info@hazchemwize.co.za.

View details on Tremcard Requests.

Please note that we do NOT accept cash payments for any of our products or services.

Hazchem Chemicals


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