dont_print_emailsGoing Green

Going green is an important decision for any company to make. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint but you often save costs.

One of our “going green” initiatives is reducing our printing. As a result, we now only make use of email to send clients’ their invoices and statements. We also encourage our clients not to print but rather make use of the documents that we send them in it’s original a digital format.

We’re not against printing. We’re against wasting resources

We don’t want to stop people printing. We simply think that sometimes, people, and not everyone, need reminding that wasting paper, ink and toner doesn’t make economic or environmental sense.

Not just email

Our message isn’t limited to emails.

Every day, people hit the print button without really considering why. Often it’s because we’re used to seeing things on paper we have some irrational desire to hoard information “so we’ve got it to hand”, but so often this spontaneous compulsion to print is unnecessary.

More than half of all pages printed are never used

We estimate that over 50% of pages printed are never looked at. Consider how many times an almost completely blank “page 2 of 2” comes out of your printer when printing emails and documents.

Subtle reminders

We hope that by putting our gentle reminders on the documents that are so often needlessly printed we might start a small movement of change.

We’re not bossy

We’re not bossy people, and we hope our message isn’t bossy; we’re asking people to think before printing, we’re not telling them they have to.

Going Green June 29, 2016