Hazchem Signs / Vinyl Placards

Hazchem signs are safety signs that are displayed on vehicles that transport hazardous goods. These signs indicate what substance is being transported and other safety precaution information such as “No Open Flame” or “No Smoking”. 

Hazchem signs need to display the class and classification of the goods being transported. An example of this is:

  • Class: 1 – Classification: Explosives
  • Class: 2.1 – Classification: Flammable Gases

At HAZCHEMWIZE, we supply a comprehensive range of hazchem signs that is mandatory to be displayed on vehicles that carry hazardous goods.

The purpose of hazard signs is to prevent any accidents from occurring and should they occur, thehazchem signs should be sufficient signage to identify the hazard to prevent further damage and injury.

Hazchem Sign Product List

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