First Aid Training

First Aid Certification

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act requires employers to make an adequate first aid training course available for their employees. Employees who are elected to be first aid representatives are required to attend accredited first aid training where they will be trained and accessed. In an emergency situation at the workplace, the first aid representative will be able to react, treat and deal with the situation in a calm and safe manner.

HAZCHEMWIZE is an authorised Training Provider that offers Level 1 First Aid Training.

First Aid Level 1

Designed for learners to the necessary OHS First Aid skills. This course covers various first aid skills ranging from basic to advanced. This unit standard is intended to enable the first responder in an emergency situation to react to health emergencies at an advanced level until more qualified emergency personnel arrive.

Unit Std: 119567 | NQF Level: 1 | Credits: 5 | Course Duration: 2 Days | Certificate Valid for: 3 Years

Accreditation: HWSETA

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