Front End Loader Training

The qualifying learner will be capable of:

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the functions of a front end loader.
  • Planning for work activities and prepare work area.
  • Starting and shutting down front end loader.
  • Operating front end loader.
  • Transporting front end loader to and from site.

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Front End Loader Training Offered

Front End Loader Training

The qualifying learner will be able to operate a front end loader by understanding the functions of starting, shutting down and operating procedures for the machine. Learners who master the applied competence described in this unit standard will contribute to the development of a professional community of Construction Plant operators.

Unit Std: 116102 | NQF Level: 2 | Credits: 16 | Course Duration: 3 Days | Certificate Valid for: 2 Years | Accreditation: TETA

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Front End Loader Training

Front End Loader Training September 9, 2016