Racking & Stacking Training

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Applying the recognised methods for inspecting and recording the operational fitness of all components of the lift truck with reference to safety procedures in the workplace.
  • Identifying and classifying freight/loads taking into account documentation, packaging and labeling associated with the specific freight.
  • Handling, loading and storing freight in accordance with industry standards environmental requirements, and with due consideration to inter alia the commodities and their properties, storage area and placement of load.
  • Achieving maximum work performance of lifting equipment and attachments, by applying knowledge of equipment dimensions, controls, principles of operation and capacities, manufacturing specifications and circumstances in the working environment.
  • Operating equipment in accordance with laid down organisational and legislative standards and procedures as well as manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Accessing available emergency support system and services in case of incidents and accidents.

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Racking & Stacking Training Offered

Racking & Stacking

Unit Std: 242974 | NQF Level: 3 | Credits: 7 | Course Duration: 1 Day | Certificate Valid for: 2 Years | Accreditation: TETA

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Racking & Stacking Training September 9, 2016